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Call or Invoke Azure Functions from Canvas app

Hi Team, It would be great if we could call Azure functions from Canvas app just as we do call Microsoft flow. That helps to write any logic in azure functions and invoke them in canvas app.



Pavan Kumar Garlapati

Status: New
Kudo Collector

You can already do that, though not quite directly.

If you create an azure function with engine v1, you can generate the OpenAPI for it in azure functions and import as a Custom Connector. 

There is a preview of an auto-importer to make it simple as a button-click, but it didn't work for me. 

It was still relatively simple to create my own QR code generator in an Azure, which can be called from a custom connector in either Flow or PowerApps, and returns an SVG.


It would be good to have the process more streamlined so it becomes a one-click: 

"Make this function available in PowerApps/Flow".