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Call the screen name stored in a SP list or other data source, to call the real screen in the app

I would like to see the ability to store menu items in a SharePoint list or other data source that includes the screen name and when wired to a Component, can call the screen in the app. At this stage, we have to hardcode menu items and the screen name when building menu's via Components. By enabling storage of menu list items in say SharePoint lists, it opens the door to being able to add security to the navigations - e.g. User 1 can only see menu items he has access to, while an Admin can see every option in the menus. This will also enable the ability to more easily manage menus and if developing for a client, the option to enable them to manage them too.

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Upvote.  This would make options management very efficient.

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This ability would be useful in an app.  Thanks.