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Calling a Stored Procedure in PowerApps

It would be fantastic to have stored procedure access to PowerApps. It's a feature presently blocking a number of customers of ours from implementing PowerApps since much of their logic is in the sprocs already. They don't want to implement Flow for this since they see it as another cog to pay for. This seems like pretty core functionality but there must be some big technical blocker from MS implementing it. 

Status: Under Review
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It's a big review... 😉

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Why is this still under review? Should have been released long ago. Trying to keep all the data logic in the app layer creates a very clear constraint to scale. That MS Flow workaround is garbage. Very frustrating!!

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Calling a stored procedure should have been available right from day 1 when premium SQL Server connector was released. On one hand Stored Procedure is one of the best practice for performance optimization since queries are compiled on so on, at the same time MS did not provide that functionality. Create a flow to invoke stored procedure from Power Apps is a bad design and implementation. Hence if there were 5 stored procedures, one would need to create 5 flows for those. PowerApps was to make it simpler to develop Apps so there should not be requirement to use Flow to invoke stored procedures.


Please implement this as a priority.



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I agree.
I thought of this as a (very) nice to have since we has the Flow workaround. It's a pain to move an app into production with 20+ Flows around, but hey it was part of the free connector gig. Now that we pay a substantial amount for this, it needs to be part of the package.

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I agree this would be great if it could be done natively from Power Apps. The Same for SQL Queries.


In the meantime, the following video shows how to pass parameters to Stored Procedures from Power Apps through Power Automate.


Another thing that would make using Power Automate easier for running stored procedures (and other data sources), is the parse JSON directly in PowerApps. Please go and vote for this idea:



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Can we get an update on this backlog item, it's been under review for a long time. Thanks!

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Yes! Pretty Please 🙂 A simple update would be great!

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An update with an ETA, of course

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One of the real practical problems with using Flow as a go-between is that if you don't use a Flow for a certain length of time it automatically gets deactivated. So for an action in the administration panel of my App that doesn't get executed very often (delete something etc.), it gets deactivated and it's more to manually maintain. Another practical problem is that you have more mechanics to maintain in terms of Flows - it seems to me like having the ability to just call SPs directly from PowerApps code would be beneficial in these terms. Sometimes sure it's fine/even beneficial to use a Flow for other reasons, but it would be great to be able to do it without Flow.