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Calling a Stored Procedure in PowerApps

It would be fantastic to have stored procedure access to PowerApps. It's a feature presently blocking a number of customers of ours from implementing PowerApps since much of their logic is in the sprocs already. They don't want to implement Flow for this since they see it as another cog to pay for. This seems like pretty core functionality but there must be some big technical blocker from MS implementing it. 

Status: Under Review

Yes please!

Also take this one (separate off course but probably related if you found this SQL Stored Procedure from Power Apps interesting) = Calling a SQL Function in PowerApps (parameters be... - Power Platform Community (

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In my case, I needed to pass a key to Oracle to return records from multiple tables, so because I cannot use a stored proc, my workaround was to store the parameter in a db table, then have a view run all the joins for me and return the data for my PowerApp. Without paying for Flow, which will be slower btw, we are already paying for a Premium connector for each user to use this app, it adds up pretty quickly. In the end, the Oracle parameter record is then deleted from the table using PowerApp after the data is returned. And we don't use the view as the source for the gallery, but a collection. Hope this helps. 🙂

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@Andres777 - nice hack 😉 thanks for sharing that - I've been pondering doing something similar and knowing that someone else has had success with this approach is useful to know.