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Camera ID should be consistent. ex: 1 for Selfie. 2 for Main. ACROSS IOS, ANDROID, Windows

Hi. Experimenting with the Camera Control.
There is a tutorial.…/tutorials/control-camera/
The Camera Control has a property for the Camera ID.
Key properties
Camera – On a device that has more than one camera, the numeric ID of the camera that the app uses.

What is the best method to know the cameraID? what is the cameraID of the selfie camera? what about the main camera? 0? 1? 2? 1000? Is the camera ID device dependent?

On iOS the main camera id is 2, the selfie camera is 0 or -1.
Not sure if it is the same on android, couldn't test this yet
In the Windows Phone environment. the main camera has 0 as Camera ID. the front facing camera is not 1. or 2. or 3.

Camera ID should be consistent. ex: 1 for Selfie. 2 for Main. ACROSS IOS, ANDROID, Windows

Please let us know which is which. Please be consistent. Thanks.

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@FilipK to update status.

Power Apps Staff

Hi raul,


0 refers to first environment facing camera, 1 refers to first user facing camera of the device across all platforms.

Our next release is going to fix the bug where this is inconsistent across the platforms and make it consistent.




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was this fixed?

i still encounter the same issue.

Power Apps Staff

Are you using the latest version of our app?  If so, could you save your PowerApps app again (to the cloud)?




Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Under Review

@FilipK to update status.

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i dont know if this issue belongs to the same issue at hand.


i just want consistency.  


i have made a tiny app with 2 screens.  the first screen uses the camera id=0. the second screen uses camera id=1.  i have a button on each screen.  on the first screen, if the button is tapped, the app navigates to the second screen.  on the second screen,  if the button is tapped, the app navigates to the first screen.


this simulates the camera switching feature commonly found in snapchat, messenger, whatsapp, other camera using apps.


the issue as shown in the attached youtube video is that after one round of camera switching, the camera fails to work -- it just shows a black box.


camera switching issue

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Do we have any update on this?
I have users that have different brands of phones, that use the camera many times. It is frustrating to always have to click a button to rotate the camera before taking a picture.
3 and a half years have passed...
Any fix or workaround?

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Yes this should be fixed....Please make some test and make sure this consistent across devices....


Any Update on this?



Chandrashekhar Kumawat,

Pune, India