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Camera Image Resolution



I have recently developed an app which makes use of the camera control. Everything is working as intended, except one thing, the resolution of the photos is 640x480. Apparently this is limited by PowerApps. This constraint will push me towards other development frameworks like Cordova/Ionic, Xamarin, etc...  I hope we can see some changes in the near future.


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I like the workaround provided by @IHearnes above. However, adding @Ankit to comment on the roadmap for improved resolution from the camera.


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Thanks M2CE (and PVB) for solution number 2. That works brilliantly and solves my problem!



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I think PowerUser2019 summarized the problem with the 'add picture' vs the 'camera' input perfectly:

The add a picture module is not a viable work around on a mobile device and adds 4 extra inputs just to take a picture (one click to start the process, one to choose between using your camera or document library, one to take the picture, and one to confirm that's the picture you want to use) end users are not happy doing this especially when they have to take multiple pictures on the same session. All of that in comparison with your camera module that has a live stream and requires one input to take a picture. 

I wouldn't care much if the viewport for the camera control stayed low-res,  but allowed a higher res capture when snapping a photo. 

Another disadvantage in the 'add picture' control is that I think you can't even disable adding a picture from the device's photo gallery (which is inconvenient if you want to force the user to take a live photo).

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What is the status on this? 

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I would love an update as well. A bump in resolution even to 1080p would be helpful!

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Looking for an update on this as well.

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@FilipK  Our issue is that the Add Picture, calling the native camera app, is not working under Intune, because this app is not in our work space. Neither can I ask for a trusted MS Camera App, because this does not exist (understandable). 

I think this is a good and undeniable argument to increase the pixel format of the internal Camera function of Power Apps, for use in Intune Enterprise environments.

Does this make a better chance?

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I can't believe I have literally created an ENTIRE god **bleep** app before stumbling across this information. 


It is absolutely ridiculous that you can't capture the raw dimensions of the camera like I don't even. 


This basically renders the camera useless for almost anything. This should be printed in the biggest god **bleep** letters you can find because this limitation is downright insane, and no one even considers it a limitation "out of the box" because cameras today are 4k+ as standard...