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Camera Image Resolution



I have recently developed an app which makes use of the camera control. Everything is working as intended, except one thing, the resolution of the photos is 640x480. Apparently this is limited by PowerApps. This constraint will push me towards other development frameworks like Cordova/Ionic, Xamarin, etc...  I hope we can see some changes in the near future.


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Hey everyone, we hear the feedback, and agree that there are scenarios where using Add picture control is not feasible.  We are discussing our options now, and will report back on this thread.

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It makes sense to give app builders the option to set the max limits for resolution.

Hopefully microsoft will consider this soon.




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We had the same issue, but instead of using the Camera Control, we now use the 'Add an image from a file' technique described at


This media image control allows us to either use the camera to take a new photo, or browse to an existing image in the device’s photo library. The images are not only uploaded at full camera resolution, but we can use all of the camera functionality such as zoom, brightness, contrast, etc.


We hope that this solution may work for you as well. Ta, Ian Hearnes

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Status changed to: Under Review

I like the workaround provided by @IHearnes above. However, adding @Ankit to comment on the roadmap for improved resolution from the camera.


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Any updates on this ?
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More than a year after it's been mentioned and still nothing on that? Camera is a big deal for mobility. Seen way more advance stuff being taking care of while this is just about forgotten...

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Is this issue being addresses or not? As of today, in PowerApps, camera image size is so small and resolution is so small that it does not fully utilize the potential of the camera in mobile devices. Moreover it makes very difficult for the user to see details in a small image in order to compose the picture. In my opinion, it is extremly important to implement higher resolution capability and larger camera control image size ASAP.

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Amen to that!

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We are building the infamous Hot Dog Not a Hot Dog app and the resolution is not really good enough for the image recognition service to work.  Major issue for Powerapps. 

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We need this. Microsoft, what is the status of this request? 

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I agree - please prioritize this.