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Camera Image Resolution



I have recently developed an app which makes use of the camera control. Everything is working as intended, except one thing, the resolution of the photos is 640x480. Apparently this is limited by PowerApps. This constraint will push me towards other development frameworks like Cordova/Ionic, Xamarin, etc...  I hope we can see some changes in the near future.


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Status: Escalated

Hey everyone, we hear the feedback, and agree that there are scenarios where using Add picture control is not feasible.  We are discussing our options now, and will report back on this thread.

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@Shamprasadrh, if you are using the Add picture control, you are using the native camera app of your device, and PowerApps does not affect the image quality here. If the quality of those pictures is not satisfactory, check your devices or camera settings for image quality, otherwise it may be a limitation of your device's camera.
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@FilipK, Add picture control will only work on desktop app but on a mobile device with high camera resolution app will close abruptly. 

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@Shamprasadrh I suspect this is due to the size of the file causing app to crash.  How big are the images you are trying to add?  Does the app crash if you try with smaller images (you can use a device with a lower fidelity camera, or change the camera options on your device)?

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@FilipK, the image size would be around 4 to 5 mb and I am using iPhone 6s and One Plus 6t for testing. Other phones with lower resolution works fine.

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It is now 2019, can we all please get a real status update on this request please?


" this approach is never going to provide satisfactory results for everyone, and the native camera approach is always going to be better.  Even if we allow for increased resolution, focusing might become an issue, low light performance, ability to use flash, etc. "


Everyone in this request and other forms I see are simply not requesting any of these other features to be added on the camera module all we want is the ablility to have a increased picture resolution so that it can be a viable solution for taking a picture of anything. No professional business can use this camera module right now because the pictures come out so low quality they can not be used for any documentation purposes. 


The add a picture module is not a viable work around on a mobile device and adds 4 extra inputs just to take a picture (one click to start the process, one to choose between using your camera or document library, one to take the picture, and one to confirm that's the picture you want to use) end users are not happy doing this especially when they have to take multiple pictures on the same session. All of that in comparison with your camera module that has a live stream and requires one input to take a picture.. Also the add picture module is not currently working with google pixel 3's and 2's, where as the camera module is but can not be used because of the horrible resolution.


It has been two years now, what is the hold up!?


This is honestly a make or break issue on whether or not we(my company) will continue to use powerapps.


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I agree with @PowerUser2019, it is completely make or break feature and PowerApps as a platform does not support the camera feature properly will be a big disadvantage. 


Also I do not find any proper documentation around it like in limitation of PowerApps which is leading people to develop the app and get Stuck in between. 

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Ditto.  There are lots of good things going for PowerApps, but better native Image and Printing processes are big gaps in the product.

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This is very much needed in my organization. The current resolution does not work for document and white board pictures. We need at least 1080p resolution if not native resolution.

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If you need higher resolution images, we recommend using the Add picture control, not the camera control, as that allows you to take a picture with your device's native camera app.  The camera control provides a live feed into the app and cannot be made a high resolution in order to support its performance accross a wide range of devices.


If the image size is an issue with the Add picture control, make sure the "Optimize images for upload" setting is turned on in the mobile PowerApps player settings (hamburger menu in top left corner, it is on by default).  That will ensure that image size is reduced before it is added to your app.

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  • Hi filipK,


Still, there is no easy way to retrieve those added pictures. At least not that I’m aware of.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. It would be great if this pictures could simply be put into a SharePoint document library.