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Camera Image Resolution



I have recently developed an app which makes use of the camera control. Everything is working as intended, except one thing, the resolution of the photos is 640x480. Apparently this is limited by PowerApps. This constraint will push me towards other development frameworks like Cordova/Ionic, Xamarin, etc...  I hope we can see some changes in the near future.


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Status: Escalated

Hey everyone, we hear the feedback, and agree that there are scenarios where using Add picture control is not feasible.  We are discussing our options now, and will report back on this thread.

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@FilipK, any news on this feature as (just like the people from the 6 other comments pages) it is really unavoidable in many scenarios (I have one at the moment as well)?

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Any News on this ? @microsoft: Please do something here ! this is really needed, as 640x480 is a ridiculous small resolution ...


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This really does need to be addressed by Microsoft ASAP. Trying to create a functional app with such poor photo resolution is impossible.

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Nearly 4 year old topic with no sign of progress... disappointing MS... 

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We have also same issue here, the whole app that i have built will be out of usage just because of this size limitation. Employees are taken image of a paper and they are sending this via email attachment but the others can't read any single word. And lately they are discussing to use another solution 

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This is a major obstacle to adoption to use an otherwise very very useful product with Power Apps. Please allow use to increase resolution beyond 640 x 480