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Camera not working when when embedded on SharePoint Page or Teams Tabs

Application embedded on a Teams tabApplication embedded on a Teams tabApplication embedded on a SharePoint pageApplication embedded on a SharePoint pageApplication on PowerApp (You can see it's working clearly)Application on PowerApp (You can see it's working clearly)

























































Please, any help would be appreciated.   The application is working fine on the PowerApp site and the permissions were already segregated.   But upon embedding the application on a SharePoint page or a Teams tab. The camera feature gives me a message "Your camera isn't set up. You're already using it." even when i'm clearly not.      

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Having the same problem.
It worked before, but after the latest updates, it stopped working.

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@ProjectVelox @NVBC,

I don't think this is an 'idea.' This sounds like a bug 🙂


I've filed it as a bug.


Mr. Dang

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Hi, there is a known issue with Chrome 64 and later on Teams we are working on and a fix targeted for this quarter.  Could you please share the browser and version you are using and the way you embedded the PowerApps app in Sharepoint (are you using the PowerApps Web part or added an iframe yourself)? 


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Hi @Chris! I added the iframe myself. Thank you!

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Excellent, please make sure to add the allow attribute with value camera, e.g. <iframe src="..." allow="camera"></iframe>.  Full details here:

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Hi @Chris! The PowerApps camera is now working on my SharePoint page. Thank you!
All I need now is to be able to embed it on a Team's tab and have the camera working. 

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Great!  You're welcome.  I'll keep this thread posted on the progress in Teams.

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I'm using Chrome as well, and I've tried following @Chris' suggestion with adding the allow tag, but apparently the tag gets removed when publishing the page. Unless I'm using the tag incorrectly?





I'm using the following version of Chrome:



@ProjectVelox: can you please share your configuration of the iframe?

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Hi @NVBC @Chris,

I apologize for yesterday. I thought the camera issue yesterday would work as well when using the <iframe> method.  What I did was I embedded the PowerApp webpart and got it working for me. After that, I assumed that since I got it working, the results would be the same if I used the <iframe> method. I didn't check if the solution you presented @Chris if it was working.


However, upon checking again based on @NVBC's comment. I too am having problems when using the <iframe> method.




I based it off the link @Chris provided:


It didn't work on my end.

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 I see the same issue.  Sharepoint seems to be removing the allow attribute.  @ProjectVelox Could you confirm the PowerApps Web part is working for you?