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Can to embedded a PowerApps in a PowerBI report, with a Table screen (no only landscape layout)

I'm making a PowerBI report in which I have to embed diferrent PowerApps.

The functionality is good, but the problem is that I open the new PowerApps, it is always with the phone screen, I can't choose to do it with the tablet screen.

I was trying to do it differently, and I didn't get it either. The other method was to create a new blank PowerApp in a tablet format, and Save it with a name.

And then, go to the PowerBI report, add the PowerApp component and select the different fields that I need to show in the PowerApp. And press "Select an existing application".

Doing so does not create a new gallery with the connection "PowerBIIntegration.Data" with the fields that I selected in the PowerBI report.

By not creating it automatically, if you create it manually, you can only create a new gallery and in the Items fileds, type "PowerBIIntegration.Data", and add a new text field and type "ThisItem.XXXXX".

The problem is, I can't select the fields I need, because I can only select "ThisItem.isSelected".

I think incorporate a PowerApps into a PowerBI is a great news that can add a lot of value to reporting, but it's better if we can do it with another screen, not just a phone screen.

Thank you so much for everything !!!!

Status: New