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Can we purchase a Custom Connector to MS Access 2016 database via ODBC, OLEDB ?

PowerApps could be a great tool ... If MS or a third party removes soe of thelimitations.


MS Excel does not have the option to create a From and publish to a webpage.


MS Access can create and publish Forms to a web page.  MS is going to remove support to do this and suggests MS Access users to use PowerApps.


There must be millions of MS Access database across the world - many are using data stored inside the Access DB.


Why would those Users move to PowerApps if it does not support access (ODBC, OLEDB, API) to the MS Acces db?

     Most of these Access users will not upgrade to Sql Server due to costs (software/server) or lose control to the IT dept which many times can not deliver solutions to the business user.


Why do we need an [On-Premises Data Gateway] to access our own data in SQL Server on our own Network ?

          The [On-Premises Data Gateway] does not even work on a government network (yet).


I have 20 years exp with Sql Server (DBA/Architect/App Dev) and 10 years with MS Access.  I see a need for both solutions.


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I agree witv this! With no OleDB support the Power Platform can't be used! The OleDB provider for Access is suppoprted with Power BI I noticed but not with PowerApps. Our own OleDb providers doesn't even work with Power BI wit an Out Of memory error. 

May be we had to wait before the Power Platform becomes usable?