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Cannot Edit Web Query after Exporting Data to Dynamic Excel in CRM 2016

Author Name: Moin Chorgay

Repro Steps

> Launch CRM
> Navigate to Workspace
> Click Activities
> Export All Activities to Dynamic Worksheet- Open dynamic worksheet
> An xlsx file will download
> Open the exported worksheet
> Click Data Tab
> Click on Connection
> Select the Workbook Connection
> Click on Definition Tab
> You will Observe that the Connection type is-- Web Query

> You will also observe the  Edit query does not have the query listed
> Click on Edit Query
>It gives an error occurred and does not allow us to edit the query


Till CRM 2013, CRM 2015 RTM after exporting dynamic worksheet we had an option of Database Query under Connection type and it allowed us to edit the query in order to make changes from Excel itself



The function was easy to use and allowed us to edit queries quickly without logging into CRM so it should be introduced once again so that it makes our life easy

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the additional problem is that there is no way to even view the existing query. This means there is no way to know which filters and joins have been used to create the Excel query. 


It would be nice for on-premise solutions to get the option to do SQL queries again instead of the web queries. 

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Hi @D365Ideas_Admin  - Is it correct that this was a feature that has been removed in CRM 2016?