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Canvas Apps: Excel Online as a widget for bulk content

It would be good to have an editable grid on PoweApps. 

Even better if it has formula functionality.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, unleashing Excel Online functionality as a grid could be a boon. 




An Excel document would be modeled at design time to provide visual formatting and formulas.

At runtime, users can only input values, in fields with no formulas. Formulas calculate some fields. Only the values are saved back to the data source.


It should be possible to set a Collection as a data source as well.


The document can be created in Sharepoint Online and selected/imported in the app.


Design time: there would be a "virtual screen" in the Canvas app which just hosts the Excel Online interface to model the document, with the option to break out to Excel Desktop and come back.


The selection of a data source would automatically create a Table Object in the Excel document. Changing or updating the data source would update (same name) or create a new table object (different name).


In the design view, the user formats the document, shows/hides columns and rows, sets filters, and sets formulas. 


Design time flags that could expose or hide functionality at runtime: 
Show/hide formula bar
Enable/disable possibility to show/hide columns and rows
Show/hide filters

Export as Excel document (of course)

Status: New