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Canvas Reorder the Cards

I like the canvas item a lot, but when you are trying to hide cards and reorganize them, it all goes back to default creation order.  This is super frustrating as you cannot reorder the cards on the tree view (one of the few things that cannot yet be reordered).  This is a huge waste of time when I'm developing a new canvas and adding in more cards as I realize it would look better with xyz, etc. instead of just xy.


I view hiding cards as one of the best uses of a canvas, allowing me to create a really nice component thats organized, compact, and easily reusable throughout my app.


Please allow us to reorder Canvas cards in the Tree View as the "drag the card" interaction doesn't work properly with hidden cards. 


Thank you for your time.

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New Member

Hi @kscharber 


I was trying to do the same.

You can manipulate the Y value of your cards to set the order


hope that helps


Regular Visitor

Hi @JonasArnout ,


I think the request is the ability to reorder cards in Tree view. Currently you cannot reorder Datacard (card) as it is ordered chronologically.



For example, you cannot make Datacard18_ to be the first item under Canvas1_8. Y value of the card does not affect this.




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@JonasArnout is correct (sort if)


You cannot reorder the cards in the tree, but by changing the Y value you can reorder the items as @kscharber wants to on the canvas itself.


Rather than a pixel value, the Y value for Canvas Cards is 0, 1, 2 etc... The cards can be reordered on the canvas by changing this value.