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Capture Image and Pen Input and upload to SharePoint

Wondering, if there is any timeline for Capture Pen Input / Image to SharePoint out of the box?


In 2019, it is critical for modern apps especially mobile apps handle signature (Pen Input) / Images to have solid integration with at least SharePoint and other data sources. 


As far as I know, PowerApps' camera control to SharePoint list can be done through Flow, utilizing dataUriToBinary function.


On the other hand "Image" controls and "Pen Input" control are not easy to handle to upload the image to SharePoint. i.e. need to create a custom connector, API and swagger file to achieve it.


I would like to upload Pen Input to SharePoint as an image, but no luck. Is there a third party or Flow template and PowerApps connector for this functionality? instead, have to hack and create one.


Status: New