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Capture the whole screen

I have had this request by two different customers. They want to create a PowerApps ap  where the user submits information on a form, signs the form with Pen Input, and then capture the whole form not just the signature. I believe this is for compliance reasons.


I thought since I had the request twice I would share it.



Status: Planned
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This would be a wonderful feature to have and it will streamline a multitude of processes.

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We've wanted this functionality as well.  We've thought of using an Azure Function to create a PDF. 

Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review

We are looking into this.

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@Shanescows  THANK you Shane BoldZebras for requesting this feature for us.  My organization really needs this for documentation purposes (waivers, etc )



Jen V

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Plus 1 for this request 🙂

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Hi EvanChakiMSFT, Just curious, if you dont mind please share if we have any time frame for this feature. 

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I am not sure of the exact timeline of this feature yet, but it is in the works.

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any update ?

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Just the idea of printing/saving the form as a PDF is a request I get nearly every week. I have made far too many HTML to PDF Flows...
Looking forward to this being completed!

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This would be great for superimposing location data on a camera image.