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Cascading in Model Driven App

I am having choice field named "World Area" and i am having other lookup field named "Sales Region".
I want to load only those Sales Region which belongs to selected World Area.

i have done lot of research but this seems impossible in Model Driven App, this functionality is very important and should be incorporated in near future.

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I also have a similar requirement in my work, thus it would be great to have this ASAP.

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Can’t you use the filter()  function to create a collection of the subset you need and add it to a Gallery to do this?



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This capability is possible if you create your Choice /Option Set as an entity and then relate the World Areas and Sales regions together. Then when adding you Lookup field you can filter the Lookup View to only show associated/related records. @PrasadY

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Thank you @AMoon  for your response.

when I am trying to apply filter, I don't see any fields except default fields like CreatedBy, ModifiedBy.

even I don't see "Activity Wall" tab on field properties, am I missing something ?

please check attached screen shot.



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The related records filter is looking for lookup values to other entities referenced across both entities.


@AMoon is correct in that you will not get it to work with World area as an option set.


If however you removed the optionset and made World Area a separate entity on both your Sales Region and Opportunities entity than the related records filter would display a World Area option and your requirement would be fulfilled.

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Hi @PrasadY , As Ben mentioned you first need to ensure that you create a World Area entity and replace your option set with a lookup field on the Opportunity. Then you will need to create a 1:N relationship between your "World Area" entity and your "Sales Region" entity. This means creating a lookup field on the Sales Region entity to allow them to be subdivided by World Area. Once this is done the relationship will display in your screen shot above for related record filtering.