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Central Refactoring of Variables and Collections

The View-Variables and View-Collections screens are useful when trying to locate the point of initialization and setting of variables and collections. It would be great if we could rename all instances of a particular variable or collection from these screens.


I've found while building apps that my initial naming scheme changes halfway through the development process. This can be due to new features, rethinking of the app architecture, or changes to data flow. This is a typical feature in software development and it would be great if PowerApps would support central refactoring of variables and collections.

Status: New
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I'm not sure how to promote this idea further to the community. Please upvote! I just spent an hour changing variable names in 300 different places when I should have been able to do it centrally.

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Several other people have proposed this idea. This one has the most votes currently:

Let's try to get this idea more traction!