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Change Calendar color

I am making a PowerApp for our company using their specific colors. I can change the color on the chevrons but not the background color for the calendar on date fields. My new entry field does not look uniform with all of the date fields containing a blue background while the others are the specific company color. Being able to change this like the chevrons would be very helpful.




Status: Under Review

Apparently there was some confusion as to what needed to be changed and how.  Moving this back to under reveiw.

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Completely same issue here. Creating formulars for my company with very specific color requests. Please make Calendar Color as flexible as all the other controls!

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I beleive that it is bounded to this idea -


As this will be solved by custom theme configuration. Hope someone from PA will start to think about it.


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My organization is very specific about colors which are more important now that I am embedding PowerApps in Sharepoint pages. Please give us the ability to customize the color of the date picker.


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Status changed to: Planned

We'll be adding a property for customize this soon.

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@FilipK happy to hear that it is Planned!


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That is great!

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hey guys you can now change the iconBackground colour

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Thank you for this, this is very useful!
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Status changed to: Completed
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I would like to change the color of the calendar and selected background -- is this possible?  I have personalized the chevron, etc. but do not see where I can change the actual background color of the calendar. PA_Cal.jpg