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Change Order Container/Component (z-index)

Now containers/components are stacked in the order we put them in the screen tree. It would be very powerful to be able to change the order with a formula. 


Reason: let's think of a component which contains a header, footer and slide-in side menu. I now put this as last control in the tree. But when the side Menu is triggered I would like to pull the component to the front so it is not behind the other controls of my screen. I noticed via inspect (developer tools) that a container and component receives a z-index. So if it would be possible to change this z-index based on a formula this would be great.

When you first add this property to the container control and the component this would be great!


@Anonymous, what do you think of this idea? Do you agree then could you please invite one of your colleagues into the thread?


Thanks Paul


Status: New