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Change Parameter Names in Microsoft Flows

Right now Microsoft flow automatically generates names for the dynamic values you want to use from your powerapp.

I think it would be beneficial to provide us with the ability te rename / refactor existing parameters for readability etc..

I doubt this would be a hard-to-enable update!


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Status: New
Level: Powered On

Have also posted this in Flow ideas:


Please vote for this there also, thanks!

Level: Powered On

With this should also come an enhancement that allows you to see the newly added or removed Flow Variables in the PowerApps parameters list. I have found myself having to export the existing Flow, and then Import it under a new name, finally reassociatating it with the PowerApp to finally see the added/removed parameters.

Level: Powered On

This is a must for code maintainability. I have dead parameters on multiple flows, and so have to pass in garbage values from Power App .Run() methods in order to make it work. Hard to believe this isn't a top priority to fix.