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Change data sources

Since Power Apps offers a wide range of connectors and puts all the data gathered from the data sources into tables, it would be awesome if you could exchange one data source for another and the app you created still works as expected.


Use Case Example:

An App is created with the primary data source being a SharePoint list. Now the company wants to move all the data to an Azure SQL Database. The tables would be the same, so the only thing which needed to change would be where the data is gathered, all the queries on the data could remain untouched. Currently in Power Apps (as far as I know, please correct me if I am wrong) you would have to delete the old data source, add the new one and basically rebuild all the parts which interacted with the data source.

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there are many reasons where the dev might want to switch data sources (internal to external; dev to production) etc.

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this is often a requirement, not just when moving Apps between stages or tenants. Also when it comes to technical changing from e.g. Excel (yes) to SharePoint Online. Right now this is a very manual and high effort task. Also modifications to .msapp file directly aren't possible anymore so even mass updates aren't an option.


I've created an article on how to do this manually and which steps might be involved:


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Please consider this to allow changing data source will be easier in the future. Data itself will be transferred manually before.