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Change datasource to reuse app (export/import)

Export/import and change data source as long as the source has the same setup.
Edit the data source and keep the app as it is. Reuse the app in a sense. As an example you have a SP product. It is installed on a customer online tenant.
Then you create an PowerApp for the SharePoint "list/setup/product".
New customer, same SP product installed. Then export/import the app. Change data source and publish to the new customer’s employees.

Status: Planned
Power Apps

We're currently designing this feature, which will allow parameter configuration and the ability to specify, for example, which SharePoint lists your app connects across your different environments.


Note the CDS connection already auto-updates to the new environment on import to the target environment. The Dynamics 365 connector does not. 

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Still on design phase? Is there any release date? Since this thread was started in 2016? What is current status?

This feature would be much appreciated!


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For the flows, we were able to unpack the solution and run powershell scripts to change the SharePoint site urls and update the list and view guids and repack the solution so that they would work in the target environments. 


The same process doesn't seem to work in case of power app. Changing the site url and list guids in the unpacked xml file seems to have no affect. Any suggesting on how we can change the data sources would be really appreciated.