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Change default function/property from Fill to OnVisible for screen object in Power Apps Studio

Surely this has to be a duplicate as I CANNOT be the only one who has reached his breaking point on this.  But I cannot find an existing idea post so....


Please make the default function/property for the Screen object be OnVisible instead of the current Fill property.

When working on apps in Power Apps Studio (aka PowerApps Studio), it is so irritating to be jumping between screens to compare/sync the screens' OnVisible code and have it always default to the Fill formula.  How often are people editing/expanding Fill versus OnSelect?


Bonus points if you just make PAS remember the last edited property for each control.  But currently there is something in the code that selects which property is the default for each control in PAS, so it should be fairly easy to change it to the more commonly used property.

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I don't understand how this doesn't have any votes yet! This has irritated me for a long time. Like you said, how many people are looking to go to Fill whenever they click on a screen name?? We can get some time back in our days by having the initial property be OnVisible instead of Fill when clicking on a screen.

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It tells me the people writing the interface don't actually use the interface. Otherwise it would have been fixed long ago...