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Change ownership from SharepointListApps

I am responsible for managing all applications created on PowerApps within my company. For internal reasons, sometimes we need to remove ownership of applications from certain people and move to a process key in my department. Unfortunately, I recently noticed that the PowerApps for Admins "Set app owner" action does not work for SharepointListApp applications. Therefore, for these items I cannot perform the process. I would like to suggest a change related to this: to be possible to change the owner of this type of application too!

Status: New
Advocate I

100% need this for the CoE toolkit to work more effectively. The "official" owner needs to be updated in several of our apps as people move jobs or leave. Another way around this could be something In Power Apps that changes the owner of the application if another owner of the list itself that is customized publishes it. I think that makes a lot of sense too. You publish an updated version, you're the new owner.