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Change style of all children elements inside a form at the same time

I have a form with fields that I called from a SharePoint list.

The list has almost 100 fields. I have to change the style of each one manually, one by one.

There should be an option when selecting the form to change the style (font, color, font size, input background and border, etc..) of all the children elements at the same time.

Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

High five. I wish I could say "select all" and change the font or sizing just like almost anything other MS product. 

Advocate III

I like this idea, but think it could be taken one step further.


Why not allow the users to create PowerApp templates?  There, a user could define style for all sorts of things (I.e. Font, Font Color, Field Height, Button Color, Button Hover Color, Button Pressed Color, etc.).  Having a template to start my work would significantly increase my work tenfold as I wouldn't have to spend so much time altering UI elements one at a time.  I was going to complain about 30 fields from sharepoint, but you win with almost 100.  


Please implement the ability to define the default settings for PowerApps, instead of forcing us to adjust everything one at a time.

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oh YES please change it finally!!


It is so annoying to change a single data card!