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Change type of control even it's a custom card



If you make modifications to a datacard it becomes a custom card. You can't change the control type anymore afterwards. This is limiting because if you change your mind you have to remove the custom datacard, add it again and perform all your modifcation again..Suggestion was made to use CTRL + Z in the community. Yes, but what if you need to change at a later point in time when undo is not possible anymore?

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I agree with this suggestion. Coming from an InfoPath background I envision the same type of functionality where you could right click -> change control. InfoPath would give you a list of compatible controls for the data type of the control you were wishing to change from. This functionality was invaluable. Customizing datacards makes future edits very tedious.

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Still no change with this, 3 years on

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Microsoft don't have anyone managing those forums... (Power Automate, Power Apps)  It's a feedback cemetery...  😞