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Changing Sizes and Colors of the Calendar popup of the Date Picker control, width of calendar icon


Please be so kind as to read my full post before responding.
Thank you for your consideration.

Originally the Date Picker control only allow changing the sizes and colors of the "Text Part" of the control.
Since November, there is now also the option to change the colors of the Calendar icon.

However, the colors, size, and font size of the Calendar popup that appears after clicking the icon seem to unmodifiable.

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Status: New
Advocate I

Please fix this as it ruins the colour palette of the application when the date picker is blue and uneditable. 

Helper I

Hi @FilipK - Has this been fixed yet ?  Within a Canvas app date picker are we able to style the fonts/colors of the calendar popup that appears after clicking the icon on the date picker.


I understand that this can be done by changing the theme, but if someone has specific colour guidelines we need the ability to apply our own colours to this calendar control.