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Changing mouse to hand icon when hovering over objects with OnSelect function

I have received some feedback from my app users that it is sometimes hard to tell when image or text is clickable. On the desktop version, when you hover over an image the icon remains the same or when you hover a text it changes to the edit text icon, the mouse icon seems to change to hand icon only when hovering over objects like Icons or Controls like Button control.


Example 1
The text in the Org Browser by Microsoft says View My Profile, when hovering over it with mouse, the mouse icon changes to select text icon.


Example 2
When using images as buttons, the mouse will stay as a cursor and will not change to the hand icon.


Example 3
Hovering mouse over the button. It changes to hand icon and it is clear that you can click it.


This is not a problem on the Phone since you click with your fingers but it confuses the users on desktop. Would it be possible to make all objects with functions in OnSelect property to have a <a> tag or something similar that it would force the mouse cursor to change into hand?

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There's an option to change each item's HoverColor, HoverFill, and HoverBorderColor. This might help to show your users which items are clickable and which are not.


If you plan on doing this en masse, you can select all items that are clickable per screen and change the Hover information for all items at once.

I do agree that this would be an added bonus, but there's a way to allow your users to understand what's going on before (if ever) this gets implemented.

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The way I handled this issue is by draw a rectangle over it and changing to opacity of it on hover.

This is by no means a suitable solution but it might help you in the short run

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You could add a button with the same size (width/height) and position (x/y) as the image. Set the Color property of the button so that is transparent. Pay attention to all the color properties (hover, pressed, etc.) so your image doesn't disappear when you press and hold the button for example. The only thing after that is to determine the order of the controls to ensure the button is the control the user 'sees'.


Hope this helps,



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Insert HTML Text, have your link within <a href=Link>click here</a>

align the HTML Text section above your intial hyperlink

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We are considering making the button control more powerful to allow use cases where a button can be an image or icon, text only, or combination of the two.  This would create a clean separation of functionality and allow us to remove the OnSelect methods on Labels, Images and Icons.


What do you think of this?

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Status changed to: Under Review
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Hi Filip, this seems like a good change to come. However how will this impact all the apps that were setup using OnSelect on Labels, Images and Icons?

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We would definitely not break backwards compatibility.  We would kepp the functionality of those apps supported as is.  But any new controls you create would have to use the new method.

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II also want the ability to change the cursor to a hand when hovering over clickable links. 


I don't get a hand when hovering over buttons as indicated in this thread.  Is that an old feature which has been removed or am I missing something?  I am new to PowerApps so maybe I am overlooking something obvious.




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Why not just implement a new Property Cursor like in CSS on this items? With some cursors to select.