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Changing the color of the popup date picker


I suggest to add the possibility to personnalize background color's popup date picker. Or the possibility to personnalize the color theme.

Because these themes are not really fitting with my application design.....



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I would like to add to this request by also asking for the ability to customize the background of specific dates in a Calendar control.  This would allow us to create "heat maps" on calendars. 


For Example, if the Calendar object had a property called "CustomDateBackgrounds", I could supply a two column table that looks like this:


Malformed dates get ignored, non-color or RGB values get ignored.  And if the date isnt listed in the table, the default background on dates is used.


When the user looks at my Calendar control, the formatting values i've provided are used for the background for the corresponding date.  This would also allow us to create a view in our datasource, which supplies the formatting and date on the fly in the application, and the formatting options could even change based on the user interacting with the