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Changing the currency position in Money fields


The format of money fields in Dynamics CRM 2011 is "% 123" where % is the currency symbol/code.

However, for many currencies the convention is to write "123 %", i.e. the position of the currency symbol/code is after the value.

I have not found any way to change this.

This may seem like a very minor cosmetic issue - but actually causes irritation amongst users (trying to set the cursor before the currency symbol and then not being able to type anything), and is perceived as "ugly".

Please provide a setting for this, so that the customizer can choose how the currency should be displayed, in the same way as you can choose currency symbol or currency code.

It seems that this has worked in earlier versions, see e.g. question in CRM development forum:

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review