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Chevron parameters, dropdown list/Hint colour in a text field



Here's today's double whammy - two questions/suggestions realted to GUI building.


Is there a way to change the width/character of the chevron in a drop down list? See the screen dump - the chevron takes up a lot of the width of the field.


Is there a way to change the Hint text colour? In the example below it's too bright and might get confused with actual data entered.


Too wide chevron/Hint text colour not goodToo wide chevron/Hint text colour not good



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Regular Visitor

It can't be that difficult to add an extra control for Chevron Width.  

Not applicable

+1 on the hint text color! 

New Member

Hi any update on 'hint text' color 

Regular Visitor

Hint Text Color Update Please!

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+1 Hint Text Color, please.

Regular Visitor

Changing the Hint Text color would be very helpful +1