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Chile time zone wrong, DST not applied in CRM Online

Author Name: Aldo Benito Macedo Panchi

Chile time zone for CRM Online organizations is wrong and it not respecting DST changes:
there have been recent changes to the laws stipulating DST switches (e.g. Chile)

Chile Switches Back To Standard Time
Chile will resume seasonal clock changes in 2016 after spending all of last year on Daylight Saving Time (DST). The South American country will turn clocks back by one hour in May.

Ends a One-Year DST Period
In January 2015, Chile had decided to remain on permanent DST for years to come. According to the current announcement, the decision was revoked because it is blamed for an increase in school dropouts last year. Among the positive effects of the measure, the authorities list fewer traffic accidents and less criminal activity during the evening hours.

Now Santiago Time Zone for Chile is configured as GMT -3 but currently Chile is GMT -4


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