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Clean Environment with no CDS "common" entities or powerapps templates

We should be able to create a clean CDS with no "common" entities, just the ones we want to create. These common entities have no use to anybody wanting to create a clean new app.

Also, we should be able to get rid of all these powerapp templates. At least these we can filter, but they are still there clogging our view.

Status: Declined
Advocate II

The common CDS entities will not go away but an ability to tag them as not to list/view them by default would be very useful. Not forgetting the need to create a CDS without any test data please.

Power Apps

Thanks for you feedback! While we always plan to include the standard entities - but we are working now in improving the user experience to make finding/filtering/grouping far easier so you aren't burdened with the full list while you're working with the entiites.

Power Apps
Status changed to: Declined