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Clearing a field on adding a flow

I don't know about you guys but this happens to me too often to be fine with it anymore.


When you add a flow to your powerapp it's run function automaticly gets put into the last field you we're working in.

Often times i find myself making a long logic stream in a field such as a button.onclick where i want a different flow to run when i click the button.


So what happens to me all the time is I write a part for the logics   say  If(combobox.selected.value = X; run flow X; If(combobox.selected.value = Y; run flow Y etc.)


But when i am going to add a new flow to this it clears the ENTIRE thing i wrote to replace it with  and the worst part is Ctrl+Z doesn't undo this.  I can't remember the amount of times and i don't want to know the amount of time i lost because of this.

Status: New