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Click Modifiers

I'm in the process of developing an internal app to replace an external one we're currently paying for. One of the features I've noticed I won't be able to replicate is the fact that the external app's UI is aware of when the user is pressing modifier keys (Shift, Alt, Ctrl) when clicking buttons in certain places. For instance, there's a "Save" button in one place that saves the ticket you're working on, and then if you were holding Shift when you clicked it, it returns you to the home page -- a streamlined "save and close" function without adding an extra button.

My preferred implementation of this would be a ThisClick object we could reference in OnSelect, with boolean properties for Shift, Alt, and Ctrl. These properties could default to false in mobile settings, but they'd be especially handy in browsers and Teams. If you wanted to go really wild with it, we could also use double-click detectors, and maybe even some coordinate properties so we could tell where the click started, or where it was released.

Status: New