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Closing the browser tab when form is submitted/saved

It's odd that you would have the option to launch/open another web browser but not close the current tab.  I would like an option to close the current tab.  We have a list that has sensitive information about other employees.  If the submitter closes out of the form, they can see the list that holds the data.  The option to log the user would not work in this instance do 


At this time, from what i understand we cannot hide the list view from the submitter (unless i missed something).



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Assuming this is a SharePoint list form customized with PowerApps: If you open the form from a link, you can use the Source parameter to redirect to any page after the form is submitted. For example, this link would open the NewForm for the  list "YourList", and after submitting the home page of the site "YourSite" will show.





Also, you could set up the list so that people can see only their own entries if they navigate to it. 

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When a Form is submitted, typically you would call the Exit() function when you want to close the app.

The problem is that this causes the Dynamics 365 Home page to load afterwards.

I really don't want my users to have that forced upon them, especially as we don't use Dynamics 365.

It would be best to close the current tab as the OP suggests.

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another thing that seems basic common sense and we have to beg for the functionality .

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Is there any way to close current browser tab on exit in powerapps

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So just ran into this.  Looks like people have been complaining since 2017.  Not all of us have dynamics.   This just confuses the user.

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A workaround would be to redirect the page to a simple externally hosted HTML file which calls/triggers the window.close() JavaScript method to close the tab. It's easy to create.

So easy, that I even provide one which you can use in the meantime:


Launch("", Blank(), LaunchTarget.Replace)


The LaunchTarget.Replace will open the URL in the current window, so a redirect will take place. As soon as the URL is loaded, it will close the tab.

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in sharepoint LaunchTarget.Replace Not working is there any other way please let me know