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Code Editor: Allow popout into separate resizable window / dialog

Please provide the ability for the code editor to pop out into a SEPARATE, moveable and resizeable window.


Status: Under Review
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i.e. Linked to this post in this post.  Thanks to @JoeNewstrom , I knew to fix it with this edit. DOH! Gracias, Joe.

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@DeeTronSEAM  thanks for the update, cheers! 🙂

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This has got to be one of the most important updates needed. The frustration levels are ridiculous when trying to build Power Apps and you can't see anything 😞

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For the love of all that is holy PLEASE let me move the formula bar.

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Adding another voice -- sliding that function bar up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down to check the app face, or to check the properties is driving me into a tiny spiky dimension. 😕

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Being forced to lose your place in your code over and over because you have to minimize a window, check something, then make the window big again, then scroll back to where you were in the code just to update a name or something is utterly ridiculous.


Doesn't anybody on the Microsoft team actually use this product? Are those of us who report being tortured missing something? Do we not know how to use this product? Please provide an update on why this rudimentary feature cannot be provided for us.

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So, checking in after 3... nearly 4 years. This thread is still under review? 


Anyone who has had to use an HTML Text control or write more than a 1 liner function can see there is a challenge here. 


After watching Ignite 2021 PowerApps co-authoring is coming.
If that can work then having the same instance on seperate screens and moving the formula bar to a better spot will be possible. 🤔

Can MS release that co-authoring update with a moved formula bar or even leave it where it is and let us pop it out when needed. Maybe also just update the community as people are falling into tiny spiky dimensions here. 💣

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A separate resizable coding window would be a huge improvement in terms of my productivity. Hope this will be added in a release any time soon.