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Code Editor: Allow popout into separate resizable window / dialog

Please provide the ability for the code editor to pop out into a SEPARATE, moveable and resizeable window.


Status: Under Review
Advocate III

Agreed.  Low code/no code is great and all until you have to do some real work. 

Power Apps
Power Apps

We are doing some work to improve the inline formula editing experience now, flagging @LanceDelano who is looking at this area

Power Apps
Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review
Advocate II

Would love to see pop out windows for powerapps. I would like to be able to move my "screens" and "Screen Properties" onto another computer screen. loving PowerApps so far keep it up.

- many thanks

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 FYI - I'd also like to add the following if possible (would be happen to open a new "idea"
 on these if that is a better way):


  • Ensure that multiple pop out windows are avaialble from within the same instance of PowerApps studio - ie: ability to open two or more different code blocks at a time within different screens or different actions - ability to compare code

  • Potentially also the ability to either have a splitter window within the same code block (allowing the ability to compare and edit two sections of the same code block), or alternatively to ensure that the prior bullet (multiple pop out windows) would allow two pop out views of the same code block (splitter is a better approach though here).
Advocate I

How about adding a mini Monaco editor, too much?

Advocate I

This is incredibly important. Between VS Code compatibility and the ability to pop out the window, this would speed the development process up for real life use cases.

Advocate III

To be clear, the biggest issues I've seen are:

  • Just about everything related to writing code in the editor is fairly bad when compared with something like Notepad++, VS Code, or PowerShell ISE but... the biggest thing for me is with the tab button.  I don't know how many times I've hit tab and had it auto-complete to something instead of just moving the text.  It's nearly impossible to format text well without doing it elsewhere.
  • Editing code and having it block the properties pane on the right.
    • Can't resize horizontally, so it means you have to drag the whole editor back up to the top.
  • Adding a control and having to constantly resize the code editor window because powerapps always inserts new controls at the top left
Kudo Kingpin

This is critically important, please allow the code window to float out in its own window.


Most of us have more than one monitor (I use three) and this would be an unbelievable improvement over the current resizing of a window that covers our work over and over and over again. Also, the ability to search and find/replace in the editor is also something that is expected and required to ensure accuracy when analysing and updating complex code.


I hope this is isn't one of those things that won't be considered because someone thinks it goes against the "low code" idea. 

Kudo Collector

Amen on this!  I also keenly like the ideas of @Anonymous for having multiple external formula least two.  Having that would GREATLY improve my efficiency and minimize bugs I introduce due to the code-viewing/comparing options.


After you've worked with VS Code, Power Apps Studio feels like being tortured.  Even a "Mini" Monaco editor like @dsghi recommended would help A LOT.


If I had a dollar for every time the expanded formula bar had to be closed just to see the right most part of the items in the Tree View, I'd be off to the local brew pub with a truck and a mean thirst.  WHO did the layout and aligned the left of the formula textbox/pane overlapping the Tree View/Explorer pane by a centimeter!?!?!?  I've tried hacking the CSS to no avail just to get the formula bar to left align with the design canvas. Anybody CSS/DOM tweakers had more luck?