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Code Editor: Search/Find and Replace

We NEED the ability to be able to search text within a code block.  Currently there is no way to do this.


My workaround so far (which is a MAJOR pain and not that useable) is to select all, paste into either MS Code or Notepad++, and then search there.

There should also be the ability to do a search/replace (selectively ie: with Find Next, or all at once) just like other MS products.

In addition, being able to search (and replace) across ALL code blocks (a separate option) and ALL screens should also be possible (ie: find all instances where a variable is used for instance).  



Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @GregLi

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Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @GregLi

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This would be very useful especially the point about finding something across ALL code blocks.


Copying everything into Notepad++, fixing and then copying back is a real pain.





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This is honestly my biggest painpoint. With really large apps, it's impossible to remember everywhere I've created a variable or a collection, and a proper search and find feature would be amazing. It'd be even better if I could do it across the entire app.

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@chris_cochrun I agree.  It would be amazing, like it's amazing to have a steering wheel to steer our cars, instead of having to shove our legs through the floor board and steering by pressing our feet in the asphault.  🙂  

Seems like a good analogy to me.  Still amazed that there is no search capability in PowerApps since you're forced to use its editor (other than the copy/paste mess between PowerApps and a "real" editor)

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We NEED MORE than just the ability to search the current code block.  We need the ability to search EVERYWHERE.  If you are using a Collection for example and are loading it or clearing it in more than one place, it can be very hard to find all the places, especially if you were not the original author of the code.

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@TML Totally agree !

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yeah bump it 🙂

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Is there any progress on this case?  @CWesener 


It seems there is no progress almost one year, can you please inform us about the status now?


If the developers can hope for proper editor of applications

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Why no update on this @CWesener ??