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Code Editor: Search/Find and Replace

We NEED the ability to be able to search text within a code block.  Currently there is no way to do this.


My workaround so far (which is a MAJOR pain and not that useable) is to select all, paste into either MS Code or Notepad++, and then search there.

There should also be the ability to do a search/replace (selectively ie: with Find Next, or all at once) just like other MS products.

In addition, being able to search (and replace) across ALL code blocks (a separate option) and ALL screens should also be possible (ie: find all instances where a variable is used for instance).  



Status: Started

We're working on this - we agree that this is much needed functionality! 

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I should be able to search for all properties named X, and update the values of all instances of X to the formula or text Y.  Right now I am trying to implement color palettes that refer to centralised theme variables and having to go into each control (particularly the form ones) is a major pain in the arse.

Power Apps

Hello All - this is still part of our backlog, but due to other priorities it has not yet been planned to be worked on. @GregLi is tracking this work along with other improvements to our language experience. One of our firsts steps here is an update to our formula bar, this will be releasing shortly and will lay the foundation for us to add global search and find and replace in the future.

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Three years overdue.  As basic to PowerApps as brakes to a car.

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I agree. Needs to be implemented.

Some of you are saying you are copying code to NotePad. How are you doing that? I cannot find a place in PowerApps to get all of my code at once to paste somewhere else to do a search...

Advocate II
Advocate II


There may be a better way, but if there is I have not seen anyone post it.  Basically I only do this as a last resort.  

  • Export Package
  • Open and extract .MSAPP file to a folder
  • Rename MSAPP to ZIP
  • Open and extract Entities.JSON
  • Copy and Past contents of Entities to this online conversion tool:
  • Convert to XML by clicking the "JSON to XML" button
  • Save the XML to a file locally
  • Edit with notepad++ and then you can paste this directly into the PowerApps app through the normal interface

I hope that helps and if someone else has a better way, please share!


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Wow @TML - that is B.R.U.T.A.L. But, it did help me find the obscure property I had messed up that was creating a useless collection. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.


There must be a better way.... 😬

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It would be fantastic if you could use the Find function in canvas apps just like the office products. Great suggestion. Especially now that environment variables have been released. It would really help in replacing the variable declarations in my apps that refer to config records/entities with the new environment variables.

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@CWesener Any new status on this? 

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Super User


Managing large Apps without a code editor is nightmare. For example to know where a collection is used etc., Please give a proper code editor or integrate with Visual Studio Codespaces. Search, Replace etc., are absolute essential. Thanks.

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@CWesener Any update on this? Search and replace should be number one items in your backlog if you want PowerApps to be usable environment