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Collapse All for Screen Navigation in Studio View

It'd be great to have a "Collapse All" command for the PowerApps Screen Navigation in Studio (edit) view.

Status: Started
Advocate IV

VERY useful feature--each time I open a PowerApps project I have to first manually collapse each of the pre-expanded control trees.  This should be quite an easy feature to implement, but would have a PROFOUND effect when you have many screens to manage.

Advocate IV

In fact, i think there is little or no benefit at all to pre-opening all branches of screen explorer when it is opened.  A developer can always just open the particular tree whenever there is a need.  Please open in COLLAPSED mode by default.

Kudo Kingpin


I agree with your second point. I would much rather have PowerApps default to having them closed. Especially for when users begin to create larger apps with many screens and many items on each screen. Great idea.

Advocate I

I added my vote, but I wanted to add my voice as well. Any project with more than a few screens and a few items per screen requires having to minimize when you open the project. And with the simplicity of the programming environment, working on several projects at once isn't unheard of. So having to minimize those 30 screens everytime is a time waster.


Please implement. I'll get more done in a day.

Regular Visitor

Please add this. My app is getting quite large and it's getting misserable collapsing all the stuff i'm not working on every time I log in.

Frequent Visitor

Echoing the sentiment in here. Complex apps become hard to navigate without manually going through and collapsing levels every time I open an app. A simple "collapse all" would work wonders.

Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review
Not applicable

yes, this has to be done.  I spend at least 2-3 minutes closing screens when I open PowerApps.  It is a useless added process to my already busy day of work.

Frequent Visitor

I too am finding it a pain scrolling through the list of screens and an expanded list of all their underlying objects. Please can we have a collapse all and make this behaviour default behaviour at start up




Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned