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Color Picker Control

I have use for a color picker control where users can pick a color to describe something.  Something like this:


color picker.png

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we in our company have a similar need.
To be able to provide an "admin settings" screen, where the user can adjust the PowerApp look and feel, we would need a "color picker control" to let the user choose e.g. the background color upon a button click

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came here looking for this

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I came looking for something similar but ended up settling for a 3 slider option with a rectangle that displays the results.


Rectangle Fill = RGBA(RedSlider.value,GreenSlider.value,BlueSlider.value,1)

Slider Range = 0 to 255

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I'm building a power app to collect information on plants, and I need a color picker control that allow users to select the color of plants

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Try this:
1. upzip it

2. goto advanced settings in powerapp and turn on "Components" under experimental features

3. go to inset -> custom -> import component 

4. import the .msapp file

5. then you will see the component under component section

6. insert this in any sheets

7. you can use sheet specific contextual variables (Updatecontext({}) in visible parameter to make the component visible as necessary

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What you need here is simply a 2 dimensional slider, a way to capture the x,y of the mouse-click on a controls surface or on an image.


I guess MS wants us to make it ourselves using the custom controls, a kit of some sort.


Not sure if this is real or vaporware that MS may release somewhere in the future, but the idea of making my own components is interesting to say the least.