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Color gradient options for fills

Simple request to be able to add gradient fill colors - including gradient transparency.

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Waitching this...

Advocate I
Advocate I

This is really a nice idea to have.Solid fills make the screen dull


Would love to have gradient buttons too!

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requesting update or workaround pls.



@OliviaD  I think for now you either create the gradient using Base64 string or a a gradient image (you can create using PPT). Hope that answers your question 🙂 

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Thanks @Laney! Based on your comment, I found this bit of perfection...  

Helper II



Bit of a "hack" but will do the job..... for now.... Thanks for finding that

Resolver I
Resolver I

indeed a good request

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Hello 🙂 SVG PowerAppsSVG PowerAppsWhen i need gradient or something special, i use SVG langage. 











My SVG is created with InkScape.
I open the SVG with notepad and paste all the code at this adress :
to get back a encoded code.
The gradient bar is a image with this :

"data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns=''%3E%3ClinearGradient id='grad1' x1='0%25' y1='0%25' x2='100%25' y2='0%25'%3E%3Cstop offset='0%25' style='stop-color:rgb(255,255,0);stop-opacity:1' /%3E%3Cstop offset='100%25' style='stop-color:rgb(255,0,0);stop-opacity:1' /%3E%3C/linearGradient%3E%3Crect x='0' y='0' width='"&RoundDown(CountIf('Task List Marc';Nom=Title2.Text)*Slider1.Value/100*24*(Image3.Width/Label4.Text/24);0)&"px' height='24px' rx='10px' ry='10px' fill='url(%23grad1)' /%3E%3C/svg%3E%0A"