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Combo Box Text Entry

In every other windows application I am aware of Combo Boxes allow selection from a dropdown OR text imput. PowerApps does not allow text input. It appears a "combo box" in PowerApps acts no different than a dropdown other than allowing list filtering based on typing (both can have multiple selection).


PLEASE update combo boxes for this.


For data entry forms this is a critical capability to limit key stoke errors while still allowing new response answers in a dynamic format.


Unless someone can point me at an alternate solution, the only way I can conceive to do this given the current options is to create a top screen with a drop down list and a text field for every single question. Then put the data entry form on screen two and rationalize between the two fields on screen 1 for that Card. I.e.: if user selects "NEW" from the Screen 1 Question 1 Dropdown list then Card = Screen1 Question 1 Text Input, else Card = Screen1 Question 1 Dropdown result. This type of programming could drive the logic so the form gets filled with the right data.


Ton of work for a control feature that exists for combo boxes outside of power apps today...

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I've been looking for this feature for a long time. Would be really very helpful.


Does anyone know of a workaround?

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You can try Combo Box with your logic. It works for me. On the form, you need to set the DataCard's update property to



ComboBox.Selected.ColumnName is the value user selected from the list. 

ComboBox.SearchText is the text input value

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It's not working. Can you show me a screenshot, please?

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Thank you @Anonymous, this is exactly what I needed!


@Anonymous if you didn't get it to work, put a label on your canvas and use this formula for it's text so you can figure it out. In BeryIQs example, ColumnName is the name of your data column.

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How can we select multiple items in combo box input? can someone help with the syntax?
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Works perfectly. Thanks. For people who don't use ColumnName just replace it with Result