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ComboBox - Issue - OnChange trickered at Form Load

When a form loads I set DefaultSelectedItems to some CombiBoxes. The Issue is that this trickers the OnSelect attributie off the control which runs some actions I want to run when the user changes the selected item.

This is strange behaviour and the OnChange should not be trickered on form load but only when there is users interaction.

Maybe make it that the OnChange is only trickers when the OnSelect is trickers also.

I will look for a workaround and post this here when I found one.
Status: Under Review

Adding @GregLi@FilipK to speak on the roadmap for this request.


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Could you maybe look at this one? Thanks.

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Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @GregLi@FilipK to speak on the roadmap for this request.


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I'm still experiencing this behaviour - is there a workaround I can use?


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2020 and still seeing this problem, can we have any updates on this please?

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What's the status of this? This is still a huge issue..

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I found a workaround, but this really needs to be fixed.

Workaround using UpdateContext
1. Apply context variable in the OnSelect of the combo box

UpdateContext({EditField: true})

2. Wrap combo box OnChange formula around IF using the variable created above.

   <OnChange formula here>

3. Update context variable in the form's OnReset

UpdateContext({EditField: false})


This worked for me to suppress the OnChange action to take place after I actually click the field and edit. This behavior is not needed on a dropdown or any other edit field, but simply a bug in the action order of the Combo Box. Please fix this.

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Can we please also fix the other main bug of the action order of a ComboBox... i.e. That the OnChange function fires BEFORE the new value is selected.

Lets say I have ComboBox with a list of 3 Options ["A","B","C"], and it is set to "B" by Default.

in the OnChange, I put the code:



If I then Change the ComboBox from B to C - the variable still says "B".

If I then Change it from C to A, the variable is changed to "C".


Clearly, the OnChange must be executed BEFORE the value is changed, rather than afterwards.