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ComboBox preserving DisplayFields and SearchFields formulas

I am facing a problem with ComboBox. I have an app that I use with multiple datasources. I save the app with another name and, afterwards, change the data source. I find that, when I do this, the DisplayFields and SearchFields that I had previously identified are lost and gone back to default. Bellow some pictures:


These are the values that I modified.





 These are the values that I have when I change the data source.





It would be perfect if the ComboBox configuration function would check to see if the new data source possibly contains similar fields that could be preserved and not just modifying them to attempt to detect the best configuration properties.


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I am also experiencing this issue but I am not editting the datasources for this control. When our team publish small updates on the app, the displayfields and searchfields are resetting.


Has their been any further investigation into this issue?

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Please solve this, it's really annoying.

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Same here.
This issue is really annoying.

To be frank, I don't understand at all, how anyone in their right might would like their (working) configuration overwritten by anything automatically detected.

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Upvote for this. Especially when working with custom connectors this is really really annoying.

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For me, the problem shows itself with a peoplepicker combobox in an app connected to a sharepoint list containing a 'people or group' column. I set the Items of the combobox to Choices(myList.peopleOrGroupColumn) and the DefaultSelectedItems to


The DisplayFields and SearchFields are both set to ["DisplayName"]


Whenever the data source is refreshed, the combobox's DisplayFields and SearchFields both reset to ["Claims"], showing "i:0#.f|membership|NAME" instead of "NAME".