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Combobox - Select Numeric values as display/search

I connected a ComboBox to a sql view with some varchar and numeric columns. I noticed that that only the varchar columns where visible to select as display and search fields.


Please update the ComboBox so that you can also select the numeric fields. 


Consider the output you get on adding this feature, should this be a textstring, value?



I this case I made a additional view where I convert the numeric values to a string type.

  • for year - Cast(year as char(4))
  • for month - Cast(month as varchar(2))
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Found a better workaround so thought let's share it. User

AddColumns(YourDataSource, "IntText", Text(Int))

Now you can use the number column to display in your Combobox.

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AddColumns won't work with large SQL data sets (more than 500 rows) as it can't be delegated.