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Combobox & DropDownBox - parameter to check number off items

Please add a .CountItems parameter to the controls that contains items (like combobox, dropbox, list, gallery, table, etc.)


Basically I just want to be able to check If a combobox has items, but I can think off situations where it's interesting to know how many items there are in a combobox.


Main reason (currently) for this request is to be able to use this parameter as condition in the visible parameter off the controls itself, so the formula could then be like:

Control.CountItems > 0



I currently use the CountIf function (with same filtering conditions as in the items parameter).


Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Need Info

Currently you can also CountRows(ItemsControl.AllItems). Is this sufficient?


Thank you for your clarification,




Resident Rockstar

He Audrie,


I tried you're solutions, but this parameter is not available for the combobox,dropbox,listbox controls. There is this parameter for a gallery, maybe you're mistaking with this control?


So add the AllItems parameter to those controls and I would be happy 😉





Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review